Argyria Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Argyria is a skin condition caused by the ingestion of silver, silver dust or silver compounds. For years, silver and its compounds have been avoided to use in medical practice for fear of the supposedly skin-staining side effect.

Symptoms of Argyria

  • Staining of the gums that extends to skin of hands, forehead and nose, where the area exposed to the sun the most.
  • Skin becomes blue or bluish-grey colored

Causes of Argyria

  • Silver factories’ workers that manufacture silver can also breathe in silver or its compounds could develope argyria.
  • Taking medication contains colloidal silver and silver salt over time may caused argyria.
  • Consumption of a home-made silver products may be lead to argyria.
  • Dental procedures, silver sutures used in abdominal surgery and silver dental fillings are also leaded to argyria.

Treatment of Argyria

  • Avoid taking large dosages of colloidal silver and silver salt products such as diet supplement for arthritis, diabetes, cancer, herpetic infections and AIDS.
  • Laser surgery to eliminate skin discolouration.
  • Using sunscreens may be helpful in darkening and discolouration.
  • Protective wear can be used to prevent occupational exposure to silver and its compound.

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